Biodiversity & Research

The Parques Reunidos Group works with numerous projects to fight to protect biodiversity and the most vulnerable ecosystems. Ecosystem conservation and protecting threatened species are fundamental values that have supported all of Parques Reunidos’ projects since even before the 2003 Law for Zoological Institutions began regulating the role of zoos in the sphere of conservation.

The Foundation as well as the group’s animal parks actively participate in research projects in collaboration with several zoological institutions, museum and universities. Through these collaborations, the Foundation also contributes to an important educational and awareness raising effort toward the millions of students of all ages who visit our various centers every year.

The different research projects that the Foundation and parks are involved in also contribute to improving the design of park facilities and to develop more efficient animal care and handling techniques, but they are also of vital importance for the application of veterinary and breeding techniques at zoological institutions aimed at reintroducing and caring after these species in their places of origin.