Social commitment has been a Parques Reunidos’ identity trait throughout its 50 years of history.

The Parques Reunidos Spirit

Since 2011, the Parques Reunidos Foundation has carried out a number of actions that focus on strengthening its commitment toward the community around it, as well as toward the environment and biodiversity.  The Foundation’s mission, vision, and values form the the Parques Reunidos Spirit, which continues to renews its commitment to build a more just and more sustainable society.


Contribute to a more solidary and more sustainable world by:

  • Enabling access to parks owned by the Parques Reunidos Group to vulnerable groups and individuals with special needs.
  • Preserving biodiversity, supporting research and educating about sustainability.

Thus, this mission is materialized through the “Parques Reunidos Spirit”, which groups together all the actions carried out both by the Foundation and by Parques Reunidos’ parks within the following spheres:

  1. Protecting of childhood regarding health and family, as well as the protection and recognition of all other persons and families affected by chronical illnesses or disabilities.
  2. Contributing to social integration of vulnerable families and communities who might be at risk of social exclusion.
  3. Educating and raising of awareness to foster sustainable development and conservation of natural heritage.
  4. Working for the conservation of threatened species and the collaboration in scientific research to benefit biodiversity.


Therefore, the Parques Reunidos Foundation aspires to share the “Parques Reunidos Spirit” with society as a whole, contributing to the adoption of a global model for sustainable development that integrates vulnerable communities.


  • Commitment: to build a better society
  • Accessibility: for the most vulnerable communities who have fewer opportunities to enjoy the parks in the Parques Reunidos Group
  • Sustainability: to benefit biodiversity –which is a key factor in the development of life-, welfare, and economic development in the long term
  • Environmental Awareness: raised through education to create positive impact on daily personal behavior to make a difference in society

Finally, the approximate worth of all the CSR projects undertaken in 2018 amounts to 0.5% of the group’s revenues:

  • 38% Hospitalized children, individuals with special needs, and their families
  • 28% Support to vulnerable families at risk of social exclusion
  • 20% Biodiversity &
  • 14% Research