“Los Rodríguez y el Más Allá”: Cinema and Fun to fight Cancer

30 de October de 2019

A new movie by Paco Arango

“Los Rodríguez y el Más Allá” is a movie about the Rodríguez family. They seem just like any other family or, at least, they thought they were. Everything changes for them when they discover that their late grandfather was, in fact, from another planet.

The craziest adventure begins when, Nicolás, one of the children, inlocks a cosmic portal in their family house’s basement that can take them to “a world beyond”. From then on, chaos takes over this family’s daily life as they all receive supoerpowers that they must learn to control.

“Los Rodríguez y el Más Allá” is a family comedy full of adventures that combines the everyday nature of the typical Spanish family and its sense of humores with an extraordinary and increadible world.

This movie is Paco Arango’s third movie. In 2005 Arango founded Fundación Aladina, a foundation that provides comprehensive support to children, adolescents and families who have been affected by child cancer.

Cinema, Solidarity and Fun

Like with all previous Paco Arango productions, a significant portion of the money raised by “Los Rodríguez y el Más Allá” in Spain will be donated to Fundación Aladina, whose projects help more than 1,500 children every year in the 12 hospitals that the foundation works with.

At the Parques Reunidos Foundation, we also wanted to help in this new project, and we have done so through a very special collaboration including eight of our parks located throughout Spain.


Any ticket for “Los Rodríguez y el Más Allá” from a cinema listed in the document that can be accessed below will receive a 50% discount on a ticket to any of the following parks owned by the Parques Reunidos Group: Parques de Atracciones de Madrid, Parque Warner Madrid, Zoo Aquarium de Madrid, Faunia, Atlantis Aquarium Madrid, Teleférico de Benalmádena, Selwo Aventura (Estepona) y Selwo Marina (Benalmádena).

To take advantage of this promotion it will only be necessary to present the cinema ticket at the park’s box office. This collaboration strengthens the relationship between the Parques Reunidos Foundation and Fundación Aladina, which has already featured activities such as ticket donations to our parks, merchandising items donations, and special visits for members of Fundación Aladina and their families.

Fundación Aladina

Aladina works with 16 Spanish hospitals and more than 1,500 children, adolescents and families benefit from its programs every year. Aladina’s objective is to encourage these young fighters to never their smile nor their strength to keep fighting. Among Aladina’s many programs a few stand out: emotional support, play therapy, psychological support, physical exercise programs, palliative care, summer international camps, the special assistance grants program, and supporting research, among others.

In addition, Aladina undertakes significant facility improvement works at the hospitals with which it collaborates:

  • Building the Maktub Center at the Hospital Niño Jesús (2013), a groundbreaking unit in the field of bone marrow transplants with the best technology at its disposal. This project was possible thanks to the funds raised by Paco Arango’s first movie, Maktub.
  • In December 2016, Aladina undertook a complete renovation of the Intensive Cara Unit at the Hospital Niño Jesús, called UCI ALADINA; the entire work cost 1,500,000€ and it represents a serious improvement in the lives of 800 children who are gravely ill each year.


The are the conditions to obtain the promotion:

  • 50% de descuento para portador de la entrada de cine película “Los Rodríguez y el más allá” en la compra de una entrada general de adulto en las taquillas de Parque de Atracciones de Madrid, Parque Warner Madrid, Zoo Aquarium de Madrid, Faunia, Atlantis Aquarium Madrid, Teleférico de Benalmádena, Selwo Aventura Estepona o Selwo Marina Benalmádena. No se aceptarán entradas fotocopiadas, manipuladas o deterioradas. Descuento no reembolsable por su valor económico. Prohibida su venta. Promoción no aplicable a otros tipos de entrada y/o tarifa. Parkings no incluidos. No acumulable a otras ofertas y/o promociones. Consulta calendario, horarios de apertura y normas de los parques en las webs de los mismos. Válido del 1 al 3 y del 8 al 10 de noviembre de 2019.