What is the Foundation?

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The Parques Reunidos Foundation is a non-profit private entity whose objectives are as follows:

  • The defence of the environment and of biodiversity, the promotion of sustainable development and of the sustainable use of resources, the conservation of the natural heritage and raising awareness of said matters.
  • The conservation and protection of species that are endangered or at risk of extinction by promoting the reproduction of endangered animals.
  • Knowledge of the various animal species and of the various ecosystems and their conservation.
  • The protection of childhood and the defence of the democratic principles of promotion of tolerance and values education.
  • The promotion of education in the matters set out above;
  • The promotion of volunteering and of social action.


One of the main objectives of the Parques Reunidos Foundation is to attempt to provide the information, education and awareness-raising necessary to make the population conscious of the complex problems the environment faces.

The Parques Reunidos Foundation therefore incorporates into its highly visible projects campaigns to train and raise awareness about the specific objectives of each project since it is the Foundation’s conviction that only through education and knowledge is it possible to achieve the awareness necessary to protect the intangible natural heritage.

Therefore, one of the Parques Reunidos Foundation’s priority objectives is to attempt to raise awareness among citizens of the importance of sustainable human development in accordance with the conservation of biological diversity as a cornerstone of ecosystems by promoting critical reflection on our coexistence with nature and the environment.