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The conservation of ecosystems and the protection of endangered species has always been one of the cornerstones on which Parques Reunidos has based its projects. When the Zoos Act 2003 regulated the role that Zoos should have in the field of conservation, Parques Reunidos had already come far.

Since our origins we have been initiating numerous projects to fight for the conservation of the most vulnerable species and natural ecosystems. Of all of them, perhaps the most important are the “in situ” Conservation Projects, that is, those studies, reintroduction programmes or the protection of species that are carried out in the original populations themselves, where the problems facing biodiversity are most acute. The Monk Seal monitoring and protection Programme in Mauritania, the programme to reintroduce the Grey Titi in Columbia or the programmes to protect native fauna, thanks to the various agreements signed with the Administration, are some of the fronts on which we dedicate our conservation efforts.